Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things are getting better!

    So bare with me this post might be a little bit long!

McKay looks so big next to her! 

Seriously so cute!!
I love love LOVE getting pictures of MayLynn it is seriously the best. She will be 3 months on March 8th! It is crazy how much time has gone by. It feels like just the other day I was holding her in my arms! She is just so darn adorable!!
I look back on everything that has happened, and she has been the best thing that has every happened to me! I'm so glad that she has an amazing family. Who I love dearly! They are just a beautiful family!
I've had a pretty rough time for the past 2 months. Just missing her has really gotten to me. I didn't know how to deal with the emotions, and it seemed like so much in my life was falling apart. And it wasn't until this past week that I had an experience that really opened my eyes. It's made me see that what I did was incredible, and although I already knew that I still needed help.
Yesterday was amazing! I met this girl who just placed her daughter for adoption to my sister's friend. She lives in Colorado and just barely left today. She is not LDS nor is the adoptive couple, but it was amazing that the spirit was there! I talked to my case worker Audra about getting a "Blessing in a Basket" for her. It's a bag full of lots of self care stuff like: lotion, body wash, a journal, bath stuff, picture frames, and a lot more too! It was so amazing to meet her, and to be able to give her that. I don't think she has met another birthmom. It is always nice to have someone you can relate too. I remember the day that I placed May that a birthmom and a dear friend Norma came and gave me my bag. It was just so nice and incredible. It meant the world to me. (Seeing the adoptive couple just reminded me how much I love open adoption! It's amazing what these precious babies can do. I love Rachel and Jared and their whole family! They are all just completely sweet! And MayLynn and all of them are coming in May (haha) I am so so SOOO excited)
So I was thinking on the way home from meeting this girl how awesome it would be if there was someone out there that did free photography for birthmoms, adoptive couple, and the baby all together. Photoshop and EVERYTHING! I loved the feeling that I had when I gave the bag to her it was just amazing! It is very healing in my case! It makes me happy to help others. I decided that I am going to get my nursing degree, but also get a degree in photography! I also decided that I am going to work with Blessings In A Basket company. To provide birthmoms, adoptive couples, and their child(ren) with the opportunity to have amazing pictures! FREE :) I am so excited to be able to do this!
It seems like just a little bit ago the world was kind of crashing down around me, BUT once I started to read my scriptures every night and say my prayers daily, life has gotten better.
I am so greatful for the people that I have in my life! I love the relationship that I have with May and her parents and family! Open adoption is an amazing thing!

With Love,
Justina Lynn